This Nasty Cyst Explodes Like A Volcano Of Pus

on Apr, 17 2017 in WTF/OMG 13202 views


You have all probably seen Dr. Sandra Lee's pimple popping videos before. If you haven't you've at least heard of some psychotic person who loves videos like that. While this video is in the same vein as the typical pimple popper video it is much more than it seems. This guy has somehow let a cyst on his face grow to the size of a freaking golf ball. How you let something like that go that far IDK but he did and now he has to deal with it.



Dr. Pablo Trochez is not as well known as Dr. Lee but he works in the same field. he was asked to remove the facial cyst by the poor 22-year-old. Dr. Troches agreed and asked if he could be allowed to film the procedure. Once he received permission, he set up his camera and started making cheesy milky pus filled magic. From the moment he cut through the skin it starts squirting out but when he squeezes it, chunks of nasty pus and gunk start to shoot out everywhere.


You can see the gross video here.

Luckily for the poor guy, he didn't try to pop it at home like some people have done. He couldn't have possibly cleaned that out properly on his own. I bet next time he won't let anything on his body grow that large before he seeks out help.