Texts That You Could Send Him In The Morning To Make Your Partner Happy

on Mar, 08 2017 in Relationships/Dating 4829 views
Waking up early can be a struggle for those of us who just love to sleep. Not all of us are blessed with being morning people. Many of us dread the thought of an alarm clock disrupting our dates with dreamland. However, even though most of us men aren’t excited by the prospects of having to wake up early, it doesn’t always have to be so bad.

You can help appease the situation by sending a nice text for us to wake up to. If you know your man is always waking up in a grumpy mood, maybe a simple text from you can help him get a better start to the day. Need some ideas for what to text him? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Here are 30 texts that you could send him in the morning to make him happy: