Hong Kong Billionaire Updates Offer To Any Man Who Is Willing To Marry His Gay Daughter

on Apr, 19 2017 in WTF/OMG 11538 views


Chinese billionaire Cecil Chao who made his fortune through a huge real estate empire is famous for his bold statement. One of the most famous statement is when he claimed to the media that he has bedded over 10,000 women.

Now again he has shocked the world with an absurd idea in an effort to make his daughter straight.



This infamous Chinese billionaire has offered to pay a heavy amount to any man who would set his daughter straight and would convince her to marriage. He first made the public announcement in 2012 when he claimed to give $60,000,000 USD to that one man who would convince his daughter to marriage. He planned to give this money as dowry.

In 2014 when failed to get his wish fulfilled he upped the amount to $120,000,000 USD. Now, in 2017 he has again upped the dowry to $180,000,000 USD. Looks like he is getting desperate.Around 20,000 men came forward but everyone has failed to convince the daughter so far.


To make the matters worse this daughter of his already happily married to her partner Sean Eav for the last 9 years. But her father on the other hand refuses to accept this marriage and still considers his daughter single.

Gigi in an open letter told her father that she is living a happy and contended life with her partner and she wishes her father would accept her the way she is rather than forcing her to become someone she is not. In fact when giving an interview to times magazine Gigi further stated that if her father thinks that it is so easy to change genders then she will marry a man when her father marries one too.



When interviewed by a Malaysian newspaper Nanyang Siang Pau, Cecil Chao insisted that his daughter is single and he does not consider this marriage of her's as real and thinks it is still not too late to become straight.

Although this famous billionaire is getting desperate day by day we have to wait and see who will win this ongoing feud and who will get the ball in his court. Whether the daughter will be able to convince the father or the power of money will defeat everything. Well whoever it is our good wishes are with them and may the best man win!