Female Celebs With Smoking Hot Bodies That You Won't Believe Are Over 40

on Apr, 17 2017 in Celebrities 7226 views

#1 Christie Brinkley – 63

Man, where do we begin? It doesn't matter if she is endorsing a new fitness machine or walking down the street, Christie is just hot. At age 63 she could easily be a swimsuit model on the cover of any magazine and no one would believe you when you told them how she was. Her legs might just be the best in the business.


#2 Ming Na – 53

Ming Na is just as hot in the gym as she is on the screen rocking cuts and bruises. At 53, she is showing no signs of slowing down either. You go girl.

#3 Cindy Crawford – 51

Who says supermodels don't age well. Crawford could pop open a can of Diet Pepsi today and most men would still lose their minds. It doesn't matter if it's a bikini at the bear or spandex in the gym Cindy is just as much an absolute vision of beauty now as she was in the 90's.


#4 Halle Berry – 50

Halle hasn't let childbirth and divorce keep her down. She has remained as dedicated as ever to keeping her red carpet ruling figure. It's truly a sight to behold when she walks by in one of her signature tight dresses that perfectly shows off her fit body and tight derriere.


#5 Salma Hayek – 50

Where do we being? Salma Hayek is 50 years old and isn't nearly about to slow down. She works hard at the gym to keep her sexy figure that fills out any dress she wears oh so perfectly. Combine that with her sultry voice and acting talents and you have the total package that is hard to compete with.