15 Things Almost All Women Do After A Breakup

on Mar, 12 2017 in Relationships/Dating 5002 views
So, you might think that your ex is a little crazy. Maybe you thought that she always was. Now that you're broken up, you might think that the air is clear. But sometimes, it isn't always that way, and the situation can be even more confusing.

Below you'll find "crazy" things that some women might do after a break-up and insight as to why. She gets wasted with her friends, texts you, and then ignores you. It really depends on where she is in her life — age, career, and experience — and to be fair, not all of these are true for all women so don't be so quick to judge.

Also, we all know that women aren't the only people who do these things, and we eventually do get out of the breakup funk. And when we do, it's glorious.