15 Freaky Things Found On The Dark Web

on Feb, 10 2017 in Creepy/Scary 136924 views
The web that you surf includes all the legit stuff that is linked to Google and other conventional search engines. But, there are other places on the web – deep, dark places – that hide themselves from Google. The dark web, sometimes called the deep web, is anonymous, unfettered, and beyond the reach of international law, at least some of the time. That’s made it the home of notorious sites like The Silk Road, where you could buy anything from guns to drugs, and more drugs – until the FBI shut it down in 2013 and sent its owner, Ross William Ulbricht, to life in prison. Staff tried a reboot, but Silk Road 2 was shut down in 2014.

Naturally, replacements like Agoradrugs have popped up – there’s always a will where there is money to be made. The most common browser on the dark web is called TOR, or The Onion Routing project, and it was actually a project developed by the US Naval Research Laboratory for clandestine communications. The Hidden Wiki is where to find link to sites on the dark web, and bitcoins is how you pay for your purchases.

Criminals aren’t the only ones using the dark web. In oppressive countries where internet access is blocked, it’s a place where activists can communicate freely. In fact, it’s where the media first found out about the Arab Spring and other activist movements.

Many of the stories that come from the dark web come from Reddit users who’ve explored and recorded their experiences. Here’s a look at some of the weird and wonderful things found on the darker side of the net.