15 Disturbing Children’s TV Shows That’ll Scare The Crap Out Of You

on Jan, 07 2017 in Creepy/Scary 26897 views
Children are the most innocent humans on our planet. Their minds are like blank chalkboards, just waiting for us to fill them up with ideas. All children learn differently, but the truth is, children are very perceptive and oftentimes mimic the things that they see. Much of what we grow to believe throughout our lifetime is copies and replicas of the things we see in our formative years as well as the things our peers and leaders teach and tell us. It can be very easy to manipulate the mind of the child, especially through the media they consume.

That is why it can be so disturbing when we come across media made for children that have the ability to scare us as adults. Our children’s minds are so easily shaped by what they see, and if the things we see can traumatize us, imagine what they can do to the mind of a child. Sometimes children’s media is created without the intent of coming off as disturbing. It can be hard to think of unique and interesting characters that children would appeal to and be interested in. Other times, it’s a mystery how anything was approved in the first place.

Not all things are scary, some stray away from the norm and make us think deeply about an issue. Regardless of what you find fearful, you have to admit that some of these cartoons and images are disturbing for all ages. Here are the 15 most disturbing things ever created for children.