15 Celebs Who Are Constantly Having Wardrobe Malfunctions

on Feb, 28 2017 in Celebrities 8295 views
Wardrobe malfunctions. Who hasn’t had one? Clothing is not perfect and designers keep experimenting with their creations, but sometimes it just does not work. It gets even worse when you are an international celebrity followed by cameras everywhere you go. That is why celebrities have to take care of what they are wearing at all times, even if sometimes things slip.

These unlucky incidents usually end up on famous news magazines and on search engines, which will forever store the photos for everyone to look at, making the celebrity think twice before wearing another risky skirt or custom piece which frays out on the red carpet. Nonetheless, some pieces of clothing look quite good, and it is a shame that such tragedies unfolded.

Some celebs still managed to fix it just in time before being fully exposed to the flashing cameras, which they sure knew were waiting for such a moment. But some celebrities are more prone to those malfunctions than others, with some of them frequently appearing in headlines due to the repetitive incidents.